Obtrusive minds, scornful ones, abhorring your disgusting lives!
We spit on your so-called normality
We spit on your so-called morality
Wrathful souls, malicious wills,
praising destruction and life of sin.
We are salt in the wounds of today's society,
thornsin the heads of the leaders of the weak.
Dodless scream of inner strenght,
hate-inspired way of man.
Those of anti-social pride and the only ones to survive.
Fuck your sheep mentality.
We all wish you painful death.
You're not supposed to follow me.
Die you worthless piece of shit!

Wolfcalls - eternal scorn
Wolfcalls - the path of war
Wolfcalls - malevolent seed
Wolfcalls - will make you bleed

Contemptous wrath - blessed be the strong
Superior breed - beyond the conscience of you all
Abominators - of everything you are
Mockery stars - pissing on your vulgar mass
Inflexible - adorers of your fall
Merciless - sitting upon the highest throne
Predators - stronger with every day
Oppressors - the beast is on its way

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