A Yearning Utopian (Two Roses For The 25th Of June)

Ethereal Pandemonium

Just a siren stayed from the soul of a swan,
 Extincted one day like Herakleit's sun,
 Thinking of glory in your dreaming heaven
 During one night of June 1997
 Feelin' so stranded in your dismal shell
 I hope it was snow what you for the last time felt...

 The last tear flowing down your hot cheek,
 Suffering, memories and the last tick...

 Wrath! Despite the knowledge

 Without the godsend... snuffling the candle off,
 Gospel condemned... Next fawn to dark
 Her eminence Hyaena... decided again
 To embalm her... Woe of soul

 With May, the time of the blossomed lichens did not come,
 A grim meadow full of forsaken straits.
 Embers dabbed her inside and now she knew
 That the crescent would become a fullmoon no more...

 I see the sun in the mist and the darkness
 The fallen beams to the withered flowers
 Sadly flowing all your life
 Your tears were changed into the ash

 Perhaps one day I will comprehend
 Wrapped up in the sea of the dismal memories,
 Seeing only your closed eyes,
 Thinking only of your lifelong pains

 Thee seared her sooner than she died, Neferthiti of my heart
 Forgotten in the temple of laments
 And so much she wanted to live...
 "Life is a beautiful flower, but we must have a courage to sever it
 On the edge of the horrible abyss..."

 Barbarian dew on my cheeks from the ivory
 I implore the evangelical beehive of her disillusion,
 I can't dishearten being face to face my inertia
 A bee in disgrace? Thee fucking parasite!

 The diocese with the emblem... Of Chrysanthemum
 Congenitally kept running... With her chandeller
 Blackness of goldlines... Doomed to suffer
 As the colourless leaves of begonia

 And this gossam was that last
 For Antigona of my trivial ebonies
 Oh, my wish utopian to put together her splinters

 Passing by meridian of hope, finding a serenity until it urn,
 Harrased, heavy as the sea level
 No daintiness for her china smile

 The flame of your candlelight will burn forever,
 You'll never be forgotten, goodbye my friend...

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