An Autumnal Equinox

Ethereal Pandemonium

September, the autumn's first I hail
The supreme of seasons all,
Cometh the thunder, sky gets pale
And the drops of rain thus fall,
The dying sun hidden by the clouds
When Perun awakes the storm,
Within the lightning's final blaze,
The nature gets its final form...

When shadows were summoned, the vultures seeked their prey,
And Autumn reached its equinox as tears were washed away,
Truth appeared the cruelest and words didn't mean a thing,
The hunters of the twilight at their dark summoning

Night falls... and the skies get darker,
September at its greatest radiance
Nature brought and so shall take away...
Night falls... swallows realms of day,
In rapture the light is gone away...

Dunkel ist die Nacht, dunkel sind die Wege Zarathustras,
Komm, du kalter und steifer Gefahrte, Ich trage dich dorthin,
Wo ich dich mit meine Handen begrabe...

Like burning embers, thy life turns into pieces of the ash,
That by the wind carried is,
Promised to last, but descenting as the light in the blindness
Last seconds count the remaining time of thy life
And the nature weeps in mourning for her son
And what seemed so real before, is now seen as a dream...

An Autumnal Equinox

Hours seem as moments in death's sweet awaiting
Truth no longer matters as soul its dirge now sings,
Psalm of one man's life with blood is written in
The book of empty names October never brings

Night falls... and the vultures gather
September offers them its wayward son
Nature brought and now it takes away
Night falls... equinox is fulfilled
The Vultures no longer hungry shall be
Nature brought and now it's gone away.

Open way to nightfall as the skies turn ebony
The blindman search's for his sight, desperately he kneels
The trees hail endless autumn, rivers forgot to flow
And I alone, myself her own, remeber how to know
Sirius the brightest opens its astral gate
And death's ethereal silhouette quietly awaits
Open way to nightfall as the skies turn ebony
I cherish these last seconds, tomorrow dead for me...

The God is dead and his creator came to life again!