The Depths Of Styx

Ethereal Pandemonium

In the past, the shadows cannot fly,
So watch the life, it is passing you by,
In the walls you are those missing bricks,
Join me, we shall swim in Styx

In the depths of Styx...
where the sorrow drowns its tears,
In the depths of Styx...
Where you're free of any fears.

It welcomes you...
For dark my visions seem, the moon whispers to me,
It awaits you...
This time you're blind to see (that) time has come for thee,
In conceals you...
So called God wants thee dead, drowned in thy own tears,
It betrays you, my friend...
On the journey into Darkness, thy weakness is thy company.

Those dark waters flow, Despair, and thou such hopeless,
Stream takes thee away, the Truth, has lost its meaning,
Voices from the dead side, the Pain, those tears are senseless,
Shores appear dark, Struggle, for those who've never seen...

The stream of blackness heals your dying soul,
In your boat you're losing control,
Each soul a drop in the dead ocean,
Flowing the fields without emotion...