The Fields Of Tombs

Ethereal Pandemonium

Once I took a journey into the dark of mine,
To release the stream of questions "why?"
The thing I learned there was sad, almost made me cry,
Inside the answers, there was emptiness' lullaby

And so it began, the journey without an end,
It became my guide in facts I couldn't comprehend
I couldn't comprehend,
Just couldn't comprehend...

Be welcome my deepest misery,
My challenge to struggle again,
Born on the fields of tombs
with evil I was to regain,
I call the Inferno
I call its rain
I am the Kaos
I am the Pain

My only friend - I suffocate on greed divine,
The war awaits, they've stepped beyond the line,
Won't you be my company, my only alibi,
The light is coming, it is now blinding my eyes

And so went on, the journey without the end,
I've lost my guide in facts I couldn't comprehend...