Thy Kingdom Burn

Ethereal Pandemonium

Breathing the flames and the flames would I breed
With the crows would I dance to grow 'diculous seed,
By the moondials of nocturnal spirit unleashed...
Pulsing to beats of this gloom symphony
Just once inhaled to rise to the level of seas
Be my Zuna, the almighty Luna diseased...
Whence this call goeth there my dark atrophy
Turns forbidden to loose and the Atrocity,
With the enemies tending the peacocks mislead...
Fearing just misery whom I shall preach,
Then to raise brand new spawn on the styx' purest beach
By the towers of nocturnal spirit unleashed...

Weak to the dawn with the palms razor-cut
With the face not too white and the motives too bright
"Delirium cumulates..." soon would she speak
To the Christendom turn and with Christendom bleed...

Brothers in blood that united in hatred
And Seraphs of fallen wing,
Gathered from chambers beneath bloody sky
And their voices thus did sing:
"All the unsaints – pledged to the rebel,
Pleased to grow weak and then suffer the devil
Past serpentines – dance with the storm
Kissing the thunder with earth's golden dawn..."
We failed to arise – Failed to slay G.O.D.
By crescent nor fullmoon nor eclipse so dark,
Six time we tried, and sixth (it) almost died,
As the Acheron shook with the Babylon's arc

Can you hear all my callings, oh, Caesar the Vice,
Perpetuum... Universum...

Enter Iesus Nazaretus Rex Iudaeori
Sacred remain thy blood in which we shall bathe

With the structure of chemical waves
And the vortex of all pulsing heights
Opening, regretting, dying and forgetting
Awaking, celebrating... dancing in the northern caves
Constellation of absolute lows,
Reproductive and ready to flow
Opening, regretting, dying and forgetting
Inhaling, exhaling... dancing in forests of north

The imperial palace, compass huge and high,
The structure, skill of noblest architects,
With gilded battlements, conspicuous far,
Turrets and terraces, glittering spires

Pulsing with vortex I bleed
And with decadence to feed
Palm against the razor
Razor against the teeth