Paint It Black

They're running their mouths about original sin again. 
Somehow we're similar simians, on a steady diet of 
We'll be the weathermen, warning of the black skies 
Broadcasting live from the City of the Dead. The forecast 
is for hail, 
locusts and falling anvils bring common sense and science 
to a standstill.

Watch as witches burn, fanatics setting fire to the 
playing duck season/rabbit season with our children's 
The barbarians are at the gates, that's my diagnosis. 
If they make it past the barricades, before the 
drawbridge closes, 
there will be no cause to celebrate, there will be no 
throwing roses. 
The same racist god that sanctioned truncheons and hoses 
at Selma. 
The god of bloodied scalps and broken noses, 
of back alley abortions and voided civil unions. 
So remember the next time you're kneeling for communion: 
They want us locked down and mute. 
And they're still burning books so why not follow suit, 
and set fire to their treatises and stale superstitions. 
MY intelligent design: no submission...