Dr. Steel

I've got the Tang. I've got the kneepads.
Got everything a space man needs.
I'm pushing buttons.
I'll do a dance with my skivvis on
Outside my pants.

In a cardboard box he poked holes
through the "O"s
Made a constellation.
Fantastic plastic fortress in his own backyard.
When his tiny brain begins to drift
He reclines in his make-shift space ship.
Lift off. Drift off to the stars.

He's on the run.
James Bond on the lawn
with pajamas and a gun.
He grabs on to the Kenner control
to launch the fun into the sun.
Flying U.F.O.s from place to place.
Chasing guys through his fold out rocket base.

As he explains..."we came from outer space"

Space Boy. Space Boy, what are you looking for?
Space Boy. Space Boy.

Back with attack and a rocket man pack,
gonna zoom through the room
with my under wonder-roos on.
Steal's back building a giant robot with

You've got to get the robot!