The Imposter

Far From Finished

Walk away from all your anger
Come away from all your sorrow
Turn your back on all your pity filled embraces
It’s a hard road to cross
When you’re lost somewhere between jealousy and lust
Where were ya when the lights went out
Were ya caught up in all of your own doubts

Are you laying down tonight
Have you crossed your arms
Not on’ it for the fight
You don’t believe in anything anymore

Why don’t you run for cover when the rain starts falling
Why don’t you answer when you hear them calling
Why can’t you cry when you start falling
Why won’t you recognize when a good things calling

If I was ever happy I might of just been pretending
Well I burned that bridge a long time ago
And I was never one for mending
Can’t bare the risky distractions
Caused by the idiot attraction
I’m so damn tired I think I missed out on all the action
There’s nothing left of me
I was all that I could be
Turned around and the door was shut

Fight your jealousy with spite and frustration
When you’re a worthless fuck with too many expectations
When you build a life on pity then you call yourself a fighter
You’re pointing fingers at everyone else when you’re the imposter

Ya think it’s all right
Ya think everything’s ok
Well check again son
I’m running scared now
Straight back to hand shakin’
Back to heart breakin’
We’re building souls where they’ve been taken
Ya think I’m all right
Ya think that I’m ok
I’m headed down now
And it’s the wrong way
But I still have soul behind my guts
Could never trust a world that never gave a fuck