Robots In Need Of Disguise


Rolling out motherfuckers it's the Robots in Disguise
Led by Optimus Prime, a bot whose power never dies
Cars and vans and planes, fuckin' construction trucks
They're going under cover cause Decepticons don't give a fuck.

Autobots it's time for rolling out.
Oh my God, that truck is Optimus without a doubt!
Uh, no I'm not.
Yes you are my dearest robot bro
You guys been on my lunch box since the 19 fuckin' 80's yo
Oh balls, Autobots listen here
I think it's time to try to find another way to disappear
New disguises that our enemies can never recognize
Bumblebee become a burger! Prowl you are a side of fries!
Do it! Don't you wanna light our darkest hour
Jazz you are a birthday cake, you got the touch I got the flour!

Autobots, roll out
Let's show them what we're all about
We'll catch'em by surprise
When we're in disguise
As a trout, flower sprouts
And a tiny Asian girl scout
Now the time has come
To rock the Decepti-scum
You better be alert
Cause we can now convert
To a skirt polo shirt
And a little mound of wet dirt
Megatron will pay
As soon as I take on the form of this delightful souffle, OK!

After hours and hours of transforming into stuff
The Autobots decided on a plan that's super duper tough

Those Decepti-dicks won't see us coming at all
When we roll up together as random kiosks at the local mall
Who'd even take to guess
That Bumblebee is selling cell phone chargers for 3 dollars less, I said 
They'll never know we're here
While we're hawking beauty products making teenage acne disappear
As if they could stop Ratchet before bitch
He's combined with Ironhide to form a turkey sandwich
And I haven't even mentioned the ace that's up my sleeve
He rocks a jet engine that'll make your ears bleed
He'll betray Megatron plus he's boisterous and loud
This is your moment come on Starscream now break it down!

Hey, this...I'm Starscream-
I just...I just wanted say that Megatron you-
Speak up man.
Megatron you're going down I'm gonna win.
Spea- I'm gonna win, I'm Starscream
Oh, come on!
Starscream rules Alright, you know what forget it!

Autobots let's fight
These enemies with all our might
Time to do what's right
And transform tonight
To 5 kites, egg whites
And a family of field mice
The Decepticons
Are now ten tanks and a giant gun
Well Grimlock's a rake
And I'm a warm milkshake
There's a small chance that we made a very tiny mistake
Well it's too late now
We're the good guys and I'm sure that everything will work out

Megatron, you're going down- 
Optimus I had real.. I a-
Starscream, SHUT UP!
Oh, mmm-k.