Hard As A Stone

A Camp

In the morning 
And in the evening 
When you think 
You're alone 
Too many hours 
In your apartment 
Has made me 
Hard as a stone 

I've tried to crack you 
I told you you're the one 
But you must have thought 
That I have gone 
I told you a lotta lies 
Just to get laid 
But your heart is 
Hard as a stone 

You're vicious 
But I'm a man 
I'm gonna do 
What I can 
To remain 
Hard as a stone 

That little pigeon 
Where did you find her 
I had to break her 
Every bone 
Eleven hours 
In your pool 
No longer 
Hard as a stone 

She was delicious 
Now I'm the star 
If you wanna be 
What you are 
You've gotta be 
Hard as a stone 
Hard as a stone 
Ha-ha-ha-hard as a stone 

You're mean 
But I'm a man 
It's not exactly 
What I planned 
But it seems 
I'm hard as a stone 
I'm hard as a stone 
Seems I'm hard as a stone

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