Dive In

Dave Matthews Band

F  Ami  C  G

   Ami         C           Emi
1. I saw a man on the side of the road
   G                Ami
   With a sign that read
   C  Emi         G
   "Will work for food"
     Ami                C              G           D/F#
   I tried to look busy 'til the light turned green 
   Ami          C     Emi             G            Ami
   I saw a bear on TV and his friends were all drowning
                           C            G
   'Cause their homes were turning to water
     Ami           C           G
   A strange kinda sad big old bear
   I'm sure he would happily eat me
        Ami           C        G    D/F#
   He'd tear me to pieces that bear 

R: Wake up sleepy head I think...

   Ami          C          Emi      G           Ami
2. Tell me everything will be OK if I just stay on my knees
   C                G            D/F#
   and keep praying believing in something
   Ami          C            Emi        G
   Tell me everything is all taken care of
            Ami       C            G         D/F#
   By those qualified to take care of it all 

R: Wake up sleepy head I think...

   F                          Ami
*: One day do you think we'll wake up
        C            G
   In a world on its way to getting better
   And if so
   Can you tell me
       C  G

F  Ami  C  G
3. I have been thinking that lately the blood is increasing
   The tourniquet's not keeping hold in spite of our twisting 
   Though we would like to believe that we are we are not in control
   Though we would love to believe 

R: Wake up sleepy head I think...

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