Absolutely Free

Zappa Frank

   F                Gm
1. Discorporate and come with me
   Shifting drifting
   Cloudless starless
   Ab     Db
   Velvet valleys
   Eb    Gm
   and a sapphire
   F       Eb
   sea wah wah

2. Unbind your mind
   there is no time
   To lick your stamps
   and paste them in
   and we will
   begin wah wah
   Flower Power Sucks

   F           Gm          F          Gm
3. Diamonds on velvets on  goldens on vixen
      F         Gm       F          Gm
   On comet and cupid on donner and blitzen
      F      Gm       F           Gm
   On up and away and after and a gogo
     F             Gm             F         G
   Escape from the weight of your corporate logo

   C          A
R: Unbind yourmind
         D     B
   there is no time
   E  G    D    E
   To lick your stamps
       G     D
   and paste them in
   E  D  C#B
   B   D     A B
   and we`ll begin
   BDABC#DAG        F
   Freedom! Freedom!
   G      F
   Kindly living!
   G         F   Em7    Dm7
   You`ll be absolutely free
   G    F      Em7     Dm7Eb
   only if you want to be 

   F           Gm          F          Gm
4. Dreaming on cushions of velvet and satin
   To music by magic by people that happen
   To enter the world of a strange purple jello
   he dreams as they live them are all mellow yellow

R: Unbind yourmind...

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