Take One Breath

Sonata Arctica

New human has seen the dawn of day
Overcame the limitations
Of evolution by learning to apply
S-C-I in fi, you cry silence !
Science is blasphemy !

My brainchild, intermigle,
Come foretoken of trans-human
Already supersedes men like you and me
Trascending the old human ... silence !
Sci-blasphemy ! Silent blasphemy
Sci-fi human, sci-fi human
Has arrived

Once upon a dream,
I was to fall deep in a goldmine
I had a world within my reach
I had to choose between my life
And something I can't even see

Standing at the gates of the evolutionary endpoint
Reaching for they key we cannot yet see
High above the all-seeing eye of this reality

The lines we learn to fear
Drawn safely in the distance
Slowly we become the new species of tomorrow
Mankind lives or dies by its boundless dream

Once upon the future
We're gonna blame our evolution
For the lack of light far behind the sun
As we try to rise on our self made burning wings

Take one breath, just take ...
One breath away, the future, today

Take one breath, one breath ...
Slip away from the dream, you're awake

Take one breath
One last breath,
Prophesy, sci-fi, pigs that fly

Take one breath
One last breath,
Not faraway,
Pre-order your future today

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