The Sacrament


  Ami                 C
I hear you breathe so far from here
 Ami                C
I feel your touch so close and real

     D        Emi             C          G
And I know my church is not of silver and gold
   D      Emi         C           G
Its glory lies beyond judgment of souls
D                Emi    C               G     D
The commandments are of consolation and warmth

C            Ami                Emi
You know our sacred dream won't fail
C             Ami           Emi
The sanctuary tender and so frail
C             Ami
The sacrament of love
Emi           D            C
The sacrament of warmth is true
Ami              Emi
The sacrament is you

I hear you weep so far from here
I taste your tears like you're next to me

And I know my weak prayers are not enough to heal
The ancient wounds so deep and so dear
The revelation is of hatred and fear