Jepsen Carly Rae

   G         D/F#           Em
1. Hello, I know it's been a while
       D             C                D
   I wonder where you are, and if you think of me
       G                   D/F#            Em
   Sometimes, 'cause you're always on my mind
           D        C                   D      
   You know I had it rough, tried to forget you but
   Em        D/F#         G         G/B        C
   The more that I look around, the more I realize
   You're all I'm looking for
   G            D/F#       
R: What makes you so beautiful, 
          Em              D             C      D
   is you don't know how beautiful you are to me
              Em            D
   You're not trying to be perfect
    G        G/B               C     D
   Nobody's perfect, but you are, to me
   Em           D/F#           G
   It's how you take my breath away
            G/B                 C
   Feel the words that I don't say
       D           C                G
   I wish somehow, I could say them now
       D                    C      D
   Oh, oh, I could say them now, yeah
2. Just friends, the beginning or the end?
   How do we make sense, When we're on our own
   It's like you're the other half of me
   I feel incomplete, I should've known      
   Nothing in the world compares
   to the feelings that we share
   It's so not fair
R: What makes you so beautiful...
   C    D               Em
*: Oh, it's not you, blame it all on me
            Bm         D
   I was running from myself
   C                 D        G/B      D
   Cause I couldn't tell how deep that we
   Em            D
   We were gonna be
         G/B             D           C                    
   I was scared it's destiny, but it hurts like hell
    (stay on C)                   Am   G/B    C
   Hope it's not too late, just a twist of faith
R: What makes you so beautiful...