Within Temptation

C#mi A B

I can't feel my senses
I just feel the cold
All colours seem to fade away
I can't reach my soul

C#mi A           B
I would stop running
C#mi    A         B
If I knew there was a chance
C#mi     A       B           Asmi
It tears me apart to sacrifice it all
A             B
But I'm forced to let go

             F#mi D  E E
Tell me I'm frozen But what can I do?
               F#mi D
Can't tell the reasons I did it for you
                     C#m    F#mi
When lies turn into truth I sacrifice for you
                   D  E
You say that I am frozen
    C#mi        F#mi
But what can I do?
I can feel your sorrow

C#mi  A   B C#mi
(I sacrifice) 
A        B
You won't forgive me

A          B
But I know you'll be alright
  C#mi      A         B              Asmi
It tears me apart that you will never know
 A           B
But I have to let go

Everything will slip away
Shattered pieces will remain
D          E          D
When memories fade into emptiness
Only time will tell its tale
If it all has been in vain