In Perfect Harmony

Within Temptation

   C             F    C
1. In a world so far away
   C               G       C
   At the end of a closing day
   C                  F        C
   A little child was born and raised
   C                       G      C
   Deep in the forest on a hidden place
          F     G       C
   Mother never saw his face

           F              C
R: Ancient spirits of the forest
            G                 F
   Made him king of elves and trees
              C          F
   He was the only human being
       G             F
   Who lived in harmony
      F       G    C
   In perfect harmony

2. The woods protected, fulfillled his needs
   Fruit by birds, honey by bees
   He found shelter under trees
   He grew up in their company
   They became his family

R: Ancient spirits...

3. A thousand seasons
   They passed him by
   So many times, have said goodbye
   And when the spirits called out his name
   To join forever, forever to stay
   A forest spirit he became

R: Ancient spirits...