de Burgh Chris

1. I'm standing in the station,
   I am waiting for a train,
   To take me to the border,
   And my loved one far away,
     Dm                                  Am
   I watched a bunch of soldiers heading for the war,
           Dm                           G
   I could hardly even bear to see them go
2. Rolling through the countryside,
   Tears are in my eyes,
   We're coming to the borderline,
   I'm ready with my lies,
   And in the early morning rain, I see her there,
   And I know I'll have to say goodbye again

R: And it's breaking my heart, I know what I must do,
     Am              Dm             G
   I hear my country call me, but I want to be with you,
       C               Am
   I'm taking my side, one of us will lose,
   Don't let go, I want to know,
        F                              Am
   That you will wait for me until the day,
           F        Am    F        Am
   There's no borderline, no borderline

3. Walking past the border guards,
   Reaching for her hand,
   Showing no emotion,
   I want to break into a run,
   But these are only boys, and I will never know,
   How men can see the wisdom in a war

R: And it's breaking my heart...
   F        Am    F        Am
   No borderline, no borderline