Peaceful Message

Fat Ugly Crappy Kids

What the fuck you want here?
You know we don't need you
You know that we hate you.
So, you know what? Fuck you!

Don't make any changes here.
Because we don't like it.
And if you've got some problems.
We'll solve it by fighting.

We were never fair in fighting.
We might never be the same.
But we like to fight like cowards.
Three on one seems to us fair.

We'll destroy your property.
But we will never plead guilty.
'Cause you don't have the evidence.
To testify against our crimes.

Yeah, that's who we are.
That's the way to stay alive.
That's who we want to be.
Living like mother-fucking primitives.

Don't blame the problems on us.
Blame it on our moms and dads.
'Cause they were smoking a lot of pot.
While creating us, the filthy cocks.

As the conclusion of our song:
We are degenerated filthy assholes.
Malevolent, dirty, unfair cocks.
Dumb, nasty, rude, vulgar whores.
Disgusting, cock-sucking drug addicts.
Sick, poisonous, spineless insects.
Creepy, scumbags, disgraceful citizens.
Ass-licking, shit-eating mother-fuckers.
Imbeciles, rednecks and cowards.
Vandals, pimps and prostitutes.
Bitches, sluts and pieces of shit.

But upon all of this,
we can proudly say to the world:
"that I am Canadian"