Fat Ugly Crappy Kids

Check it out yo, c'mon, c'mon,
mothafucka, yeah baby,
what's up yo, yo aha aha,
yeah, yo, biatch, come on biatch,
aha, jus' like this, check it out aha,
mothafucka, yo, yo, aha, let's go,
what's up yo mothafucka,
check this out

Hey yo, yeah you freak
What aha aha, suck my dick
You're jus' like a piece of shit
I'm singin' world's greatest hit
Fuckin' bitches walk to me
they're so cheap, they fuck for free
I can do anything, 'cause I have millions
You're jus' jealous you motherfuckers
This song is da best in da world yeah
If you don't like it, suck my cock

Aha, hey yo, aha, jus' like this,
hey yo, wassup yo, biatch,
yo aha aha, yeah, aha,
ia ia uh oooh.

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