Black Treacle

Arctic Monkeys

Lately I’ve been seeing things,
G                       D       C      G  D
Belly button piercings in the sky at night,
D                   C
When we’re side by side,
G                                     D     C
And I don’t mean to rain on anybody’s cabaret,
C                       G         D
One of those games you’re gonna lose,
D                    C          G
But you wanna play it just incase,


   C                     D             G
R: And now it’s getting dark and the sky looks sticky,
   G                         C  D  G
   More like black treacle than tar,
   G         C  D
   Black treacle,
   D    G                         Em             Cm    G
   Somebody told the stars you’re not coming out tonight,
   And so they found a place to hide.

G Bm Em

Does it help you stay up late?
G                    D     C
Does it help you concentrate?
C                G                      D
Does it tune you in, when you chew your chin?
D      C            G
Am I ruining your fun?
And you talk the talk alreyt,
G                                     D   C
But do you walk the walk or catch the train?
C               G                      D           C
You wanted it, you got it, but you don’t want it now.


R: And now it’s getting dark...

G Bm Em G

C                              D                G
And now I’m out of place and I’m not getting any wiser,
C                         D               G
I feel like the sun dance kid behind a synthesiser,
Em                               C          D
And I tried last night to pack away the laugh,
G                  Cm
Like a key under the mat,
C                           D                G Bm Em
But it never seems to be there when you want it,
Em    Gm Bm Em
Black treacle
Em    Gm Bm Em
Black treacle
Em    Gm Bm Em
Black treacle