All By Myself

Fitzgerald Ella

A       Cdimi        A     F#mi
All by myself in the morning 

E7      Bm7/5-Cdimi    A
All by myself in the night

        Amaj7      F#7         B7
I sit alone with a table and a chair

E7     Cdimi     Bm7/5-   E7       Cdimi Bm7/5-  E7
So un - hap - py there, play - ing sol - I - taire

A        Cdimi        A  F#mi
All by myself, I get lonely

As7         Esm7/5-F#7      C#7
Watching the clock on the shelf

    Fdim(III) D     Bm7/5- Cdimi
I'd love to rest my weary head

   Fdimi             A   Amaj7 F#7
On some - bod - y's shoul - der

  Cdimi        B7       E7  Bm7/5-  A
I hate to grow old - er  all by myself