All Of You

Fitzgerald Ella

D A7   Cdim Gdim  Cdim B7       Gm7 Cdim(IV) B7
I love the look of you, the lure of you

    Gdim      D           Gm7     Cdim(IV)
The sweet of you, and the pure of you

Edim D6   A7  Cdim  A7  Em7   Bm7-5 A7
The eyes, the arms, the mouth of you

Fdim D    Cdim   B7    Cdim     Em7  G/B A7
The east, west, north, and the south of you

D   A7    Cdim Gdim Cdim D       Gm7  Cdim(IV)Gdim
I'd love  to gain complete control of you

Gdim A7  D F#m       Gm7     B7
Handle even the heart and soul of you

Cdim G      Edim    Gdim     D    A7 G  B7
So love at least a small percent of me do

    Em7 G/B A7  A7+5 D
For I love all of you.