Do Nothin` Till You Hear From Me

Fitzgerald Ella

   E7         Am7                AM7 E7
1. Do nothin' till you hear from me.   
   Em7      A7                 DM7 D6
   Pay no attention to what's said, 
   Dm7        G9                 AM7       F#7
   Why people tear the seams of anyone's dream
   B7  E6       A6 D6 Fdim E9
   Is over my head. 
2. Do nothin' till you hear from me.     
   At least consider our romance;   
   If you should take the word of others you've heard
   I haven't a chance. 

   Gm7    C7      FM7 Gm7    C7
R: True I've been seen with someone new,
       Gm7  C7   FM7       F7
   But does that mean that I'm untrue?
              Dm7   AM7    C#m7-5      F#7
   When we're apart the words in my hear
   Bm7-5        B7         E7 B7 E7
   Reveal how I feel about you.  

   E7         Am7            AM7 E7
3. Some kiss may cloud my memory,
   Em7        A7               DM7 D6
   And other arms may hold a thrill. 
   Dm7           G9               AM7         F#7
   But please do nothin' till you hear it from me
   B7  E6        A6 D6 A6 B7 A6
   And you never will.