Have You Met Miss Jones

Fitzgerald Ella

Dmaj7              Cdimi
"Have you met Miss Jones?"
Emi7    G/B    A7sus4     A7
Someone said as we shook hands;
        F#mi7      Bmi7    Emi7 A7
She was just Miss Jones to me.
    Dmaj7              Cdimi
And then I said, "Miss Jones,
Emi7    G/B     A7sus4   A7
You're a girl who understands
D    F#mi7    Bmi7 Gmi7 A7
I'm a man who must be free."

    Gdimi   Dmaj7 F#mi7     B7
And all at once I lost my breath,
           Gmi7     C#m7/5-     F#7
And all at once was scared to death,
    A7     D      F#mi7      Bmi7 F7  A7  G/B  A7
And all at once I owned the earth and sky.

A7/5+Dmaj7              Cdimi
And now I've met Miss Jones,
Emi7      G/B    A7sus4    A7     B7 Emi7
And we'll keep on meeting till we die, 

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