That Old Black Magic

Fitzgerald Ella

That old black magic has me in its spell
Dm         G
That old black magic that you weave so well
Those icy fingers up and down my spine
G                                 C            G7
The same old witchcraft when your eyes meet mine.
The same old tingle that I feel inside
And then that elevator starts its ride
Fm                      Em          A4     A7
And down and down I go, round and round I go
F              Fm                   C
Like a leaf that's caught in the tide.
Am                                F7/9/11
I should stay away but what can I do?
Bm     E7          A6
I hear your name and I'm aflame,
Dm                              Fm
Aflame with such a burning desire
Dm                         G7/13       G7/5+
That only your kiss can put out the fire.
For you're the lover I have waited for
Gm          C7                  Gm   C7
The mate that face had me created for
F                                B
And every time your lips meet mine.
Dm          Fm
Darling, down and down I go
Em            A4    A7   F
Round and round I go in a spin,
Fm                          Dm          G                C
Loving the spin I'm in under that old black magic called love.