Bm  G  D  (3x)

Bmi                  G             D
This reminds me when they shot him dead
Bmi                  G             D
Don't go out of this place is what he said
Bmi               G       D
Saw a movie and I finally cried

            G     D  G     D
You sent me skyward, skyward

Bmi                  G             D
So many people asking how much I had
Bmi                           G             D
The world flashes, Christians slide into Hell
Bmi                            G              D
What I've got is bad but I'm as high as a bird

            G     D  G     D
She sent me skyward, skyward

A                          G                  D
Said, one day I'm dreaming just about like before
A                          G                 D
You sure of my feelings just like before (?) 
(one day you're sure I'm off my face I just the door)
A                          G      
I got stabbed back then so I said 
(one day I've got to step back and see where to)

            G     D  G     D
You sent me skyward, skyward

Bmi                       G             D
You took your heart with you safe as mine (?)
Bmi                       G           D
Time after time I've broached desire (?) (take away the pain) (?)
Bmi                      G             D
In those parties where all times of year (?)

              G     D  G     D
She poured me skyward, skyward
G     D  G     D
skyward, skyward