Crash My Party

Bryan Luke

   C                              G               Em D
1. It dont matter what plans Ive got, I can break em
                     C                        G        Em D
   Yeah I can turn this thing around at the next red light
         C                             G           Em D
   And I dont mind tellin all the guys I cant meet em
                       C                         G    Em D
   Hell, we can all go raise some hell on any other night
         C                         G                     Em
   Girl I don’t care, oh I just gotta see what youre wearin
             D                         C   G
   Your hair, is it pulled up or fallin down
           Em               D
   Oh I just have to see it now

                        C               G
R: If you wanna call me, call me, call me
                                 Em  D
   You dont have to worry bout it baby
                                C            G
   You can wake me up in the dead of the night
                     Em             D
   Wreck my plans, baby thats alright
                   C               G
   This is a drop everything kinda thing
      Em                    D
   Swing on by, Ill pour you a drink
           C                              G
   The doors unlocked, Ill leave on the lights
            Em                       D C G-Em-D
   Baby you can crash my party anytime

                C                                 G        Em D
2. Aint a spot downtown thats rockin the way that you rock me
                C                                G   Em D
   Aint a bar that can make me buzz the way that you do
       C                                      G
   I could be on the front row of the best show
                    Em                       D
   And look down and see your face on my phone
                  C            G
   And Im gone, so long, hang on
         Em                      D
   Ill meet you in a minute or two

R: If you wanna call me...

            Em                                    D
*: If its two in the mornin and youre feelin lonely
             C              G
   And wonderin what I’m doin

R: Go ahead and call me, call me, call me...
            Em                     D C 
   Baby you can crash my party anytime