I'll Stay Me

Bryan Luke

D  Bm  G
1. T-shirt, blue jeans don't like much on TV
   Bm                            G
   Caviar and a Triscut ain't no redeye gravy on a biscut.
   My deep Southern drawl makes the conversation crawl
   Bm                               G
   You're gonna have to hang around long enough to hear me out.
   A                                 D
   Some folks aren't happy like they are.
   A                             C          A
   Some wanna take things just a little too far.

    G       D        A         D
R1: Singers wanna be Hollywood actors
        G            D          A 
    And millionaires wanna ride old farm tractors
    G          D         A                 Bm
    I am just what I am, I'm just what you see.
                   G      A         D
    So I'll make it easy, I'll stay me.

2. Old dog old truck still kickin up plenty of dust
   I like my little town where the people don't let you down
   There's a girl down the street got a kiss just waitin on me
   Hot dog sweet potato fries when I go over tonight.
   She knows exactly who I am
   A soft touchin' her love loving, hard working man.

R2: Quarterbacks wanna play lead guitar
    And supermodels want smaller body parts
    Change is good sometimes, but buddy I believe
    I'm gonna make it easy, I'll stay me.

R1: Singers wanna be...

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