Through my tears

Vondráčková Lucie

hudba: Jiří Vondráček
text: Lucie Strýčková, Hana Sorrosová

It´s almost half a year 
He has gone with the wind 
Coming back from my school 
Nobody waits for me 
It´s almost half a year 
My friend has left 
He´s somewhere on the streets 
and I don´t know where 

To tell the truth 
We went 
Like every other day 
Someone just scared you 
You didn´t hear 
My :"Black, come back..!" 
And I was hoping that 
You knew the right way home 
But nobody was there 
And you - you were gone 

Through my tears 
I can hardly see 
What happened 
Where you are 
Where you´re hiding 
When it´s cold 
Tell me why 
You´re not coming 
Back to me 

The day is breaking 
I am so aching and so sore 
Hesitate for a while 
Before I lock the door 
And then I´ll put a bone 
Next to the door 
Just in case that you might 
Be back home 

Try to come back to me 
I´m really not the same, I swear 
Please don´t leave me so lonely 
It´s not a joke and 
Not a game 

And I will give you all 
What you would like 
And I will give you 
My true real love 

/: Tell me why 
  Tell me where you are, so lonely 
  Where you sleep 
  Where you´re hiding when it´s cold 
  Tell me why 
  You´re not coming back to me :/

Why I cry 
When I think 
Of you and me