The Other Side

Mars Bruno

capo I 
   Em   D   A   Em
   Ahhhhhh ahhhh ahhhh

   Em                           D
1. Truth of the matter is I'm complicated
   A                          Em
   You're as straight as they come
   You go 'bout your day baby
   A                  Em     
   While I hide from the sun
   C                               B7
   It's better if you don't understand
   Em        D         C
   Cause you won’t know what it's like
   B7       A
   Til you, try
   Em         D          A                Em
R: You know I, I've been waiting on the other side
   Em        D         A              Em
   And you, all you gotta do is cross the line
   Em             D
   I could wait a whole life time
   A                        Em
   But you just gotta decide
   Em               D          A
   You know I, I've been waiting on the other
   A              Em
   Waiting on the other side
2. We would live forever
   Who could ask for more?
   You could die if you wanted
   But baby what for?
3. If they say life's a dream, Call this insomnia
   Cause this ain't Wonderland, It damn sure ain't Narnia
   And once you cross the line, You can't change your mind
   Yeah I'm a monster
   But I'm no Frankenstein
   And quite frankly
   I've been feeling insane in between my eyes
   I really can’t explain what I feel inside
   If you knew what I was you's would run and hide
   Many have tried to go into the night
   Cross over the line and come back alive  
   But that's the price we pay when we living on the other side
R: +   
   Em   D   A   Em
   Ahhhhhh ahhhh ahhhh
   It’s better if you don’t understand  8x