Oh Marie

Sheryl Crow

   G                   F#7              C  Em
1. Here she comes, she's all dressed up in daisies
   G                 F#7              C  Em
   Half the time you'd swear that she is crazy
   Flowered drinks and a low-cut dress
   That's the way I know her best
   She says she's lonely, how could she be?
   Every night she's got company
   C   Em
R: Oh, Marie
   D      C         Bm    Am
   I sure hope you're happy
   C   Em
   Oh, Marie
            D  C   Bm  Am
   What about me,  Marie
2. She likes the way she looks in her Camaro
   She likes lingerie but he prefers the sombrero
   She's so famous on the block
   She stumbles home around four o'clock
   She claims the guys are hard to please
   She wears teen perfume behind her knees
   Am   Em    C   G   Am   Em   C   D   C   Bm   Am 
3. All day long she fills me up with dogma
   She's all magazines and Benzedrine and vodka
   There was one man she truly loved
   He took everything but her bear-skin rug
   And now and then it's clear to me
   That need is love and love is need
   C    Em
R: Oh, Marie
   D            C   Bm     Am
   What are you looking for
   C    Em
   Oh, Marie
   D          C   Bm  Am
   Always an open door
   D            C     Bm   Am G
   What are you looking for

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