Try Not To Remember

Sheryl Crow

   C    D       A
1. What still remains
   C   D         Emi
   Something unrelenting
   C    D       A
   I'll say the names
                        C  D C D
   Of those I've left behind   

          Emi          C
R: In the still of the night
          G             D
   Do you laugh, do you cry
          Emi     C    A
   Do you try not to remember?
   If it's a question of fate
   Do you love, do you hate
   Do you try not to remember?

2. I see your eyes
   And my own reflection
   These broken skies
                  C    D
   Again began to melt 
3. We are the same
   Fighting for something
   What's left to gain
                               C  D C D
   When there's no means to an end   

R: In the still... (2x)

   Try not to remember. . .