Billy The Kid

Ry Cooder

G                            D         G
I'll sing you a true song of Billy the Kid 
     D                  G
I'll sing the record of deeds that he did 
Way out in New Mexico a long time ago 
       G                         D          G
When a man's only friend was his own forty- four 

Now when Billy the Kid was a very young lad 
In old Silver City he went to the bad 
Way out west with a knife in his hand 
At the age of twelve years he killed his first man 

Fair Mexican maidens play guitars and sing 
Songs about Billy their boy bandit king 
Before this young manhood reached its sad end 
He'd a notch on his pistol for twenty one men 

It was on one black night that poor Billy died 
He said to his friends, "I'm not satisfied 
There's twenty one men that I've put bullets through 
And sheriff Pat Garrett's gonna make twenty-two" 

Well, this is how Billy the Kid met his fate 
A big moon was shining and the hour was late 
Shot down by Pat Garrett, Silver City's best friend 
The poor outlaw's life have reached its sad end