Can I Smoke In Here?

Ry Cooder

Can I smoke in here can I sit down
Am I bothering you are you alone
Is my tie on straight do you rate me polite
Do I need a shave do I seem all right

Names don't matter mine's Kash Buk no it's true
Go ahead laugh it's good for you
What's that you're drinking I like your smile you know
Hey mister bartender please don't be so slow
I think we got a lot in common
That's my brand wouldn't trade it for the World
We're about the same age on the outside
Inside I'm a thousand years old

Is this your room I can't do 60 like once I could
Bet you didn't know I was that hot
You didn't know I was that good
You got nothing to fear can I smoke in here

Steel player friend of mine lived right down the half
These walls are thin nobody heard him fall
Last of the best without a shadow a doubt
Hi-Lo shag's the last thing he saw before it all faded out

What's that you say 'life is like a low budget movie'
Slow down there honey' you lost me that time
'We all took less then it closed'
Truest thing you said all night that's a laugh
You can write it on my epitaph

See you in Heaven or next time which ever's first
I ain't USDA prime God knows you seen worse
Just tell Saint Peter at the Golden Gate
I won't be late but let me get it straight
Can I get a beer can I smoke in here.