Dirty Chateau

Ry Cooder

I had a maid she used to come in days
Made the bed and mopped the floor
She didn't like my rowdy ways
And she ain't coming back no more

You waste all your precious time
Italian movies and Portuguese wine
Little round bottles all in a row
You're an unclean man in a dirty chateau

Dirty chateau it's long and it's tall
Stick around we'll have a ball
You'lI get stuck and before you know
You'll be dancing around you're feeling all right

In my dirty chateau
She started life in the lettuce fields
Up in Salinas where the farm work is done
You go streaking by in your automobiles

You don't even know where your lettuce comes from
The short handled hoe it scarred my hands
Tell me why do they love it so
It broke mama down daddy too

Now I work for you in your dirty chateau
My friends are coming and they'd like to hear
A real sad Mexican song or two
They been drinking and they don't care

Just what you been goin' through
How bout Paloma Sin Nido
Pa Que Me Sirve la Vida
What about Pobre del Pobre

Also Lamento de un Prisionero
She used to call me borracho y perdido
Said I was loco y jodido
Buena para nada

Nunca quiero ver tu cara
But she's gone in the world somewhere
Turlock somewhere, Stockton somewhere,
Salinas somewhere, Los Angeles somewhere, I just don't know...

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