Go Home Girl

Ry Cooder

Well, me and Frank we're the best of friends 
And our friendship will never end 
But it would hurt him so for him to know 
That I'm in love with his girlfriend 

Now, the love of a girl and the love of a friend 
Are two things you can't compare 
Though my heart will ache I will let it break 
'Cause I know that it just ain't fair 
So go on home girl, let's call it a night 
You better go home girl, this just ain't right 

But before you go I want you to know 
That I love you, yes I do 
And though it breaks my heart for us to part 
Still I know Frank loves you too 

Well, you say that a we can make him see 
We have a love that's really real 
But I think that he is just like me 
And I don't know just how he'd feel 

Darling, people know it would hurt him so 
If you told him that it must end 
And I could never hold the love I stole 
From a man I call my best friend 

Go on home girl, you better go home, girl 
Go on home, you better move on 

Me and Frank been friends for so long 
And our friendship is really strong 
He gives me his car to go for a ride 
Never knows how long I'll be gone 

Well, I'm trying to forget all the things that we've done 
While Frank is just a-waiting back home 
Girl you can't go ride with me anymore 
That's the way it's got to be from now on 

Go on home! 
Uhn, hun. 
Better go home, girl 
Uhn, hun. 
Now you better move on, girl 
Uhn, hun. 
Better go home, girl 
Uhn, hun. 
You better move on, girl

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