Green Dog

Ry Cooder

Walkin' cross the desert, it ain't no fun
Too hot in the daytime, too much sun
Lefty says we'll cross at nighttime
Like my people always have done
Keep moving, quit nagging
Walk, don't run

I ask Lefty, Why'd we bring so much cheese?
Coyotes, Buddy, just you wait and see
Coyotes eat anything, Buddy, long as it's free
Suppose they want a little something extra, Lefty?
Might be you and might be me

Well the desert's dark and the desert's deep, stars everywhere
Something like you never see sittin' in your easy chair
Watch out, Lefty, something strange is comin' down
Look out! It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a flyin' tin can
Got those coyotes on the run

Out steps a green dog, as green as he can be
Or maybe she, 'cause when they're wearin' space suits
You can't tell, 'cause you can't see

"In my world, toads are purple, mice are blue, and I declare
A red cat is really something new
I'm so far from home, can you tell me what should I do?"

"Do you think there is room for me in this strange land?
I'm sorry I scared your friends
I write poetry, teach astronomy, how about me?"

"In my world everyone is a friend
Shaking hands, saying how do you do
Guess you'll notice we all look the same, it's so tame
I'd rather take a chance here with you"

Let's ride, says Lefty, let's see how fast this crate can fly
Va Va-va-voom, says Lefty, watch the coyotes scatter, and watch the towns go streaking by
Kingman, Barstow, San Bernardino just won't do
Go west, you green dog, Hollywood's the place for you
Green dog, green dog, green dog, you're so rare, so rare