Ridin' With The Blues

Ry Cooder

It's gettin'-out time down at the high school 
We're checking out all the little cheerleaders like you 
With your cheerleadin' dress and your cheerleadin' shoes, 
Step over here baby shake hands with the blues 
Ol' blues like to ride in my Cadillac 
Likes to ride up in front likes to ease down in back 
Slide over baby this ain't what you think 
Ol' blues is gonna drive while I get us a drink 
Baby you can ride with me 
Hope you don't mind bein' three 
Pull up your dress and kick off your shoes 
You're gonna have a god time ridin' with the blues 
Goin' to take a little ride and see an old friend of mine 
Do a little business down on the state line 
If it don't feel right we'll bust right through 
Hang on baby you're ridin' with the blues 
If the police ask better give 'em the slip 
Tell 'em you been out on a high school field trip 
If your teachers been wonderin' just where you been gone 
Tell 'em you're learnin' the blues from now on 
So pull up your dress and kick off your shoes 
Gonna have a good time ridin' with the blues

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