Suitcase In My Hand

Ry Cooder

D  G  D  G  A

D                          G              D
When I was still a kitten, Daddy told me, "Son,
There's just one thing that you should know
   D                                 G                      D
As through this world you ramble and through this world you roam
                      G        A        D
Just take this little suitcase when you go

                                          G                  D
When the evening sun goes down and you're tired of ramblin'  round
Just set her on the ground and climb right in
          D                   G                     D
You won't ever have to worry  about the cold night  wind
                         G         A        D
When you got your little suitcase  in your  hand."

       G                         D
Little suitcase in my hand, I'm  rolling through this land
A mansion is much too big for me
         D                        G
When the stars come out at night  Everything will be alright
         D                G         A   D
'Cause I got this little  suitcase  my  hand

A hard-boiled egg's yellow inside
There's some in every crowd you will find
They're afraid to have to do an honest day's work
So they blame the workingman every time

But the harder they come, the bigger they fall
Just you hold your ground and take your stand
'Cause the free and independent life's still the best of all
When you got your little suitcase in your hand