A Deuce

Berry Chuck

Last night I crashed a party
Memphis groovy chick
Between some hits, we were rappin' wits
Wow, did we leave quits

We drove down to a hotel
Strolled up to the desk
Clerk started rappin' about a Mr. & Miss
Wow, was that a mess
All the hotels were booked up tight
I almost wanted to cry
Just a good night kiss and miss all of this
Wow, and left high n dry

Clock kept right on ticking
Had everything in the bag
Honeycomb just right at my fingertips
Wow, was that a drag

So we pulled out by the roadside
And we both let up a deuce
She started scanning my FM band and
Wow, did we get loose
Car got warm and smokey
We just jams [?] til dawn
I noticed she was really getting stoned
So I said wow let's get it on

I started cuddling while she's getting stoned
She wasn't quite stoned enough
When I began to roam a bit
She got rough on my john and stuff

So watch it, when she's all stoned
And acting lovey and loose
All alone you want to get it on
Light up another deuce
Light up another deuce
Light up another
Give me another...

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