Lovato Demi

1. I hear what you're not saying
   It's driving me crazy
   It's like we stopped breathing in this room
   We're both the last to believing
   I know what you're thinking
   I wish you'd make your move
R: It's much too quiet in here
   I wanna disappear
   I can't find myself thinking too clear
   It's too quiet in here
   Make it all go away
   Why can't we break the silence, why wait?
2. It's like you know where I'm going
   Follow me home but I never invite you inside
   I see what you're not showing
   I've got you for nothing
   Be careful with these feelings that we're
R: It's too quiet in here...
3. Don't talk don't stop gotta be tonight
   Just know the future could be tonight
   One day it's over
   Don't tell me you're not gonna try
   Ambitions drag you on to fight
   And I wanna be your only one
R: It's too quiet in here...
   Make it all go away... 

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