Armstrong Louis

Chloe, Chloe,
Someone's callin, no reply.
Nightshade's fallin, here inside

Chloe, Chloe,
Empty spaces meet his eyes,
empty arms outstreched, he's cryin: 

"Through the black of night, 
i've got to go where you are.
If its wrong or right, 
i gotta go where you are. 
I'll roam through the dismal swamplands, 
searchin for you. 
Cuz if you are there, 
let me be there too.

Through the smoke and flame, 
i gotta go where you are, 
too far, no place could be too far, 
where you are. 

Ain't no change can buy you 
if you live i'll find you, 
love is calling me, 
i've gotta go where you are.

(louie, louie)
what's that 
(louie, louis) 
somebody callin my name? 
is that you honey. 
I believe that i hear love calling me. 
I've gotta go where you are.