Touch The Sky

Taylor Roger

F    B    Gm    C   Am    Dm7    F/C    C7
F    B/F  Gm    C   Am    Dm     F/C    C7   B

 F            B                  Gm                 C
And when you smile, honey it's a cinch, I crawl for miles,
Am                  Dm  Dm7        F/C     C
it's worth every inch, I'd touch the sky honey, for you ooh ooh

B                    F     B              F
The way you turn your head, and the way you walk
B            C            D        C   B
I know it's a cliche honey, the way you talk
F          B     F                  B
And when you smile, you set the world alight
F                   B           D                 C B
When you throw your magic switch, you make me feel alright

Yeah when you smile, it's a cinch, paint won't dry
when it comes to the clinch, politicians don't lie honey, for you oohooh
The way you fix your hair, even when you boil your eggs
You got a certain something honey, goes straight to my legs
And when you laugh, the whole world grins
You get right through to my soul with just the little things

Yeah when you smile honey you make, brave men cry
honey you are, something wild, it's you ooh ooh

and again

Yeah when you smile, id crawl for miles
we'll touch the sky honey, it's you ooh ooh
B                 B                 F
It's the little things, the little things, you do