It's What We're All About

Sum 41

Nevertheless am I dressed for the occasion 
It’s number 32 now here’s the situation 
If the beat moves your feet then don’t change the station 
Pack your bags cause we’re leaving on a permanent vacation 
Well, I’m a disaster 
A microphone master 
Put on your tape and rock your ghetto blaster 
It’s not about the money, cars, hotels, or resorts
About sweating all the bitches in the biker shorts 
I’m Dave Brown Sound and you see me running late 
Cause I’m always making time to make your girlie feel great 
And I’m Bizzy D from way down town
I’m known to rock a mic like a king was a crown 
When I’m on top I’m gonna borrow that bootie 
Hustling deals like Mickey Mancootie
When I wake up I like a pound of bacon
Start off the day with my arteries shaking

Rock, It's what we're all about
It's what we live for
Come'on shout it out(repeat 4x)

Well I bring down the house in every city we play
Just from pickin' up the mic' in a usual way
We rock and talk with a bass that's funny
We could even tear it up at a grade school party
Well I can keep the beat but I can't break dis
It's hard to look cool in crazy pants
But I wear 'em anyway even when they look whack
It's my personal way to bring the 80's back
Gave up the life of servin' burger and fries
High cholesterol gettin' grease in my eyes
I was drinkin' underage I belong on stage
Hello rock 'n' roll goodbye minimum wage
I'm teachin' you a lesson in mic' control
Makin' rhymes with my letters in my cereal bowl
Lucky number seven every dice I roll
Sum 41 to the power as the poon patrol


Well lets avoid confusion by makin' one thing clear
The rock we're bringin' is gonna instill fear
And the power we control should be revered
We sold our souls to Satan two times last year
Take a look to the point, to the point I'm makin'
We'er rockin' MC's like a pound of bacon
When we get outta hand and bust up the room
JD is to blame for the Legion of Doom
'Cause I'm the B-I double Z-Y
You ain't better than me, I ain't your average guy
I like to watch girls strip with a kung fu flick
Well the goon platoon is on the brace again 
We beat down London, slayed LA
Got an APB on the jams we play
So when you're on the stage quit grabbin' your cock
Cause we're the new kings of rock