Changing Trains

Straight Charlie

I left the love of my life and my friends
I left the one I love, she'll never see me again
Maybe it's just a start of something new and better
Maybe I made a mistake

I'm sitting in your chair
It's such a different feeling
When you are not there
Sitting in your chair
To see the world with your eyes
With your eyes

She told me she could take it if I need a break
She said we could meet in a year from now
She said, "Don't give it up, one day you could be sorry,"
I said, "Don't you worry 'cause I'll be alright,"
I will be alright
But maybe she was right

I'm changing trains, changing trains
I left the love of my life and all my friends
I'm changing trains, changing trains
For me the story never ends

Oooh, yeah, yeah...
Oooh, ooh...

For the first time there is no one you can lean on
When you go back to your hometown
When you dream on
There's a new name on your doorbell
Such a strange soud
And the place where you went to school
Yeah, it's been torn down