Sweet And Somber Pigeon Wings

Blue October

Em  G  D  Am  Em  G  D  Am

Em                G
Sweet and somber pigeon wings
D                             Am
can't we all recall when mama and papa

were the sweet toothed christmas ball
Em                        G
i said, picture as holiday family
D                                          Am
yeah of course i was small and i all i knew was my grandpa
Em          G D Am
but i really didn't know him at all i said,
Em                          G
my blood, my cousins, my calvelry
yeah a piece of them gone but still i feel them strong
when i reach for david cause my granpa is gone
Em                       G
i shout out, i got love for the family!!
yeah my mother is a doll and my brother can stop any brawl
but uhm, i pucker up i'd like to kiss you all
Em G D Am Em G
i said

But open your eyes, a new song cause the family is wrong
so don't lecture me, don't lecture me
but as far as i can see
a step mom yeah the widow's palm is what's crushing me
and this family

C                         Em  G D Am
It's beyond my time, yeah it's beyond my time


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