Talk tonight


Sitting on my own, chewing on a bone
A thousand million miles from home, and
C		G	Am			    C
Something     	hit me,	somewhere right between the eyes 

Sleeping on a plane, you know you can't complain
You took your last chance once again, and
Landed, stranded, hardly even knew your name

C			G D Em
I want to talk tonight

	  C		G D Em
Until the morning light
	  C			G D Em
'bout how you saved my life
C			Em
You and me know how we are
C			Em
You and me know how we are

All your dreams are made of strawberry lemonade
And you make sure I eat today, you
Take me		walking, to where you played when you were young

I'll never say that I won't ever make you cry
And this I say I don't know why, I
know I'm	leaving, but I'll be back another day