Her mantle so green


       C -F - Dm - Am - Am 
       F - C - F - C - C 
       F - C - F - C - C 
    G7 --- Am - F - Dm - Am 
      ( Am - F )- Am -( Am - G7 ) 
   C          F            Dm         Am      - Am 
As I went out walking, one morning in June 
   F             C               F          C    - C 
To view the fair fields, and the valleys in bloom; 
  F              C               F              C    - C 
I spied a pretty fair maid, she appeared like a queen, 
G7 -       Am          F             Dm        Am 
With - her costly fine robes and her mantle so green 
( Am - F ) - Am - ( Am - G7 ) 
Says I, my pretty fair maid, won’t (you come with me, 
We'll both join in wedlock, and married we'll be; 
I will dress you in fine linen, you'll appear like a queen, 
With - your costly fine robes and your mantle so green. 
Says she, now my young man, you must be excused, 
For I'll wed with no man, so you must be refused; 
To the green woods I will wander and shun all men's view 
For - the boy I love dearly lies in famed Waterloo. 
        F -C - F - C - C 
        F - C - F - C - C 
        G7 --- Am - F - Dm - Am - (Am - F ) - Am - ( Am - G7 ) 
Well, if you're not married, say your lover's name 
I fought in that battle, so I might know the same. 
Draw near to my garment, and there you will see 
His – name is embroidered on my mantle so green. 
In the ribbon of her mantle, there I did behold, 
His name and his surname, in letters of gold 
Young William O'Riley, appeared in my view 
He – was my chief comrade back in famed Waterloo 
And as he lay dying, I heard his last cry 
’If you were here lovely Nancy I'd be willing to die’ 
And as I told her this story, in anguish she flew, 
And - the more that I told her, the paler she grew 
So I smiled on my Nancy, 'twas I broke your heart, 
In your fathers garden, that day we did part 
And this is the truth, and the truth I declare, 
Oh – here's your love token the gold ring I wear 

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